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Migrate to the Cloud with Powerful Cloud Data Management for Azure

Explore how to seamlessly integrate from on-prem to Azure and how to take control of your apps and data.


Achieve (and Maintain) Complete Data Control in Azure

Learn how to ensure reliable backup and data recovery, achieve fast recovery time objectives, and archive efficiently (especially at scale and in a hybrid cloud environment).

Overcome common challenges as you shift your apps and workloads to Azure by orchestrating all critical data management functions – backup, recovery, search, archival, analytics, and more – for your cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications.

Paving an easier path to the cloud

Game-Changing Results with Rubrik Cloud Data Management + Azure

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“With Rubrik and Microsoft Azure, we were able to take the sprawling legacy systems and infrastructure of three hospitals and transform them into a dynamic, consistent, and centralized hybrid cloud architecture.”
Lev Goronshteyn, CTO, CarePoint Health 

See how leading organizations are leveraging Rubrik Cloud Data Management with Azure.

Discover how to take control of your apps and data in multi-cloud environments.

Understand why reliable backup, adequate performance, and efficient archival is simple with Azure and Rubrik.

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