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Data Strategy Mixology 101: How to Create the Ideal Data Storage and Data Protection Cocktail

Whether you like your data shaken or stirred, we've got your ideal data management recipe. With this eBook you can create the perfect martini and also ensure that your enterprise’s data is protected and ready to monetize with an innovative modern architecture.


Unlock Your Data’s Potential with the Perfect Mix of Agile Data Storage and Superior Data Protection

Modern business is all about data. Getting data storage and data protection wrong could have a major impact across your enterprise.

Data storage and data protection are like vodka and vermouth in a martini – both are necessary, and using the good stuff makes a significant difference.

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Data Storage and Data
Your New Competitive

Glass of Gin

In this eBook we give you recipes to:

  • the perfect vodka martini and perfectly protected data
  • a sidecar cocktail and how to kick your data mobility into high gear
  • a tasty tequila paloma and a headache-free data security plan

Agile data management can give your organization a competitive advantage – this eBook shows you how.

What’s Inside

It's All About Data

Data is increasing exponentially and, along with it, the challenge of managing enterprise data has snowballed – the costs and control of data protection and data storage becoming a top CIO headache. As the data grows, CIOs need to optimize with smart software investments and clear operational outcomes.

Back Up to Basics

You need to know that you have a reliable way to back up all of your data because, quite simply, you risk losing the things your business needs in order to operate. Your backup needs to keep pace with the speed of modern recovery requirements as well as the proliferation of data being created and stored beyond the walls of the data center.

Do More with Your Data

Data is the currency for today’s modern enterprise. As organizations eliminate data silos, they build agile environments that provide tremendous opportunities for their business leaders to innovate, create new services, make better decisions, and ensure the ongoing health and wellness of their enterprise.